A regular social media audit will create results
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We believe strongly that a visual and social media audit will significantly improve your results.

What is a “Visual Audit?” 

It’s looking closely at all of the visual elements used by your company from an impartial and analytical perspective. Its about more than just visuals too, the most important point you need to know is this, “Is the company’s core message accurately being conveyed or visually portrayed? If it isn’t then you might not be reaching your ideal clients, you might not even be connecting at all.

We do a visual and social media audit to bring your clients to you and to keep you growing
Our motto and goal for visual and social media audits is to bring you results

Our audits will only accelerate success, they won’t create it. Thats up to you. What they will do is help you create more traction in far less time than you could create otherwise.

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How can you fix a problem if you don’t know it even exists?

A visual and social media audit helps! So the bottom line is, you need high quality, relevant images, not only on your website but on every step of your digital footprint. These will effect every aspect of your business, whether that is positive or negative is up to you. Today’s markets and audience is well versed in sorting the good from the bad from the indifferent in microseconds!

“This means you need structural imagery in order to get higher conversions.”

A Visual and Social Media Audit That Gets You Results

With the changes happening so fast it’s hard to keep up, if you really want to get results today the leaders are all now using video more than even images! All business wanting to grow are using Social Media, if your Social Media isn’t working for you it’s one of two things, your product or service sucks or your just not doing it right. You know the problem is not your product or service, so that leaves one thing and you had better have a hard look at what your doing, that’s called a visual and social media audit.

“If you dismiss the importance of your Social Media your making a fatal business mistake,

your dismissing your opportunity to connect with your audience or clients.”

Coming up with an idea is the least important part of creating something great. Execution and delivery are what’s key.

Sergey Brin

Doing audits might be uncomfortable at times but they are a bankable way to determine results,

it’s a “Leadership” thing to do – Wayne Peters

Wayne Peters

Founder, 1st Dibbs Multi-Media